Hello Friends

Breathe was created with love, dedication and drive during a transition in my life. Breathe has always been a vision in the back of my head that never turned into a reality until April 2020 I decided its time for a change. A change that I never thought would happen but it did because I wanted to prove to myself that I can do it. Breathe is a place where everyone should be welcome and express yourself with the boost of Breathe by Brandon.
 Breathe by Brandon


Over these couple of months, Breathe by Brandon was a dream that has become a reality. We are here to provide amazing customer service and making sure that everyone's needs are fulfilled .  We deliver customers an experience built on trust, safety , transparency and inclusivity . We want everyone to feel included and loved when taking the time to spend with our Brand.


Breathe by Brandon is to fulfill everyone's needs, a boost your confidence and inspire people around the globe through the power of unparalleled storytelling and reflecting the creative minds . 
We all want to love, respect and have integrity for one another. Love is to show compassion for oneself and others while having a passion for what you love to do. Respect is to have an open heart to embrace diversity and encourages equality for one another no matter who you are. We continue to embrace our customers and we want it to be easy to do business anywhere in the world.